Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monitise (MONI) poised for breakout due to Apple

Everyone is very excited that Apple has done a deal with Visa to create a iPhone wallet and pay directly. But they are missing a vital clue. Visa has partnered with, and partially owns Monitise, and through Monitise have linked many banks world wide into their systems for mobile use.

Who do the pundits think are going to provide the link between the iphone and the bank? Well I am pretty sure that's Monitise and if so then we are talking mega growth for this company. It is unlikely that Apple will write software for big banks mainframe systems. No they will do the wallet and provide a set of standard links for software companies to use and that's where Monitise comes in, they have the banking to mobile side not only working but working safely and securely and have proved it in many banks all over the world.

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