Thursday, August 7, 2014

MONI tise is now a buy again

Monitise is a company I have written a lot about. It plays in the bank to mobile software linkage not in the consumer market. Sales take time but once made stay forever. I originally bought MONi when it was about 40 cents and then sold it earlier this year at $1.30 at its peak, predicting (accurately) that they would soon issue more shares (to fund growth) and the price would drop again.

Now down to about 70c MONI looks a good buy again. They will soon make the transition to the main London Stock exchange and at that point Mutual funds will move in (many are restricted from buying OTC shares).

MONi is a company that has the total commitment of Visa and is truly global selling as much software in Asia and Africa as Europe and the USA. MONI will never be sexy because consumers will never know its there, driving every transaction. But this company will be a 10 bagger over the next few years.

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